New York City, mid-90s

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Street Cleaning in Manhattan

Street Cleaning in Manhattan


New York City, mid-90s

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At a Cafe in Manhattan

At a Cafe in Manhattan

Thanksgiving in 2008

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Aunt Faye backlit

Aunt Faye backlit

Banana plant, with offspring

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<b>new banana, old banana.<b/>

title: new banana, old banana.

The blogging returns

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<b>With bougainvillea in boots.</b>

title: With bougainvillea in boots

Graduate school and an internet-free residence have placed my “filmic” blogging in hibernation; my possession of several typewriters & a cozy 25°C apartment (77 F) don’t help.

However, this social mammal shall begin to publish content this late fall – mostly pictorial, either new captures or photos from the “vault” – through the few days of Thanksgiving relief; the picture-making apparatus include a Minolta SRT101 w normal lens, Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 & a Nikon D70s primarily w normal lens.

My goal here is to amount to a weekly ritual of still photographs, film commentary & other self-distracting mischiefs.

SCSMI Conference Banquet, Photos

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Posing with David Bordwell. SCSMI Banquest, Medium Wide Shot of our Dining Hall

Funny Pose with Stephen Prince With Henry Bacon & Dan Levin

Funny Pose with Murray Smith Posing with Tim Smith Post-Banquet at Genna\'s

Left to right, Top down:
1) Madison, WI Capitol from Best Western In The Park. Near 180° view of Madison from Banquet Hall. Beer, Wine & appetizers were served prior to dinner. A warm atmosphere amongst scholars with a common interest in Film Cognition.
2) Posing with David Bordwell
3) Banquet Hall, A Medium Wide Shot
4) Funny Pose with Stephen Prince
5) With Henry Bacon and Dan Levin
6) Posing with Sheena Rogers
7) Funny Pose with Murray Smith
8 With Tim Smith
9) Genna’s After Banquet.

Cognitivist Conference, Madison WI

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I’m currently attending a 4-day conference at University of Wisconsin Madison: SCSMI