Summer readings, 2009

The unbearable lightness of being (Kundera, 1984/2004)



Atonement, unabridged audio (MacEwan, 2007)

The year of magical thinking, the play (Didion, 2007)

The year of magical thinking (Didion, 2005)

In retrospect : The tragedy and lessons of Vietnam, abridged audio (Vandemark & McNamara, 1995)

Guns, germs, & steel: The fates of human societies, abridged audio (Diamond, 1997/2001)

The shadow of Sirius (Merwin, 2008)

Readings in Progress:
The mismeasure of men (Gould, 1999)



Empire and communications (Innis, 1950/2007)

On the origin of stories : Evolution, cognition, and fiction (Boyd, 2009)

The nature of fiction (Currie, 1990)

Philosophy in the flesh : The embodied mind and its challenge to Western thought (Lakoff & Johnson, 1999)

The question concerning technology, and other essays (Heidegger, 1977)

Animal signals (Maynard Smith, 2003)

Grooming, gossip, and the evolution of language (Dunbar, 1996)


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